Meme contest

In March, the Padova Mentorship team started a very funny activity: an online meme contest! 

How many students found themselves in the situation of having to prepare half an exam programme in one night? And how many of them have brought along lucky amulets from distant relatives? And how many students even dress the same way for every exam day of their lives?  

Thinking about these classic situations, which make everyone smile, the Padova Mentorship team organised a meme contest, whose theme is “the exam session”. The activity is designed and aimed primarily at international students.


Participation is very simple: after creating a funny meme, you have to send it by e-mail or Instagram DM to our Mentorship committee. For the less skilled, of course, free apps to create memes have been suggested. There is also a deadline: 28th March.


As for voting, the Mentorship committee will not be the only jury; the whole Instagram audience will vote! The memes will be posted in the stories of the official social media page in pairs of two and a poll will be launched. The person who receives the most votes will stay in the competition for the next rounds, and the most voted will win a mysterious Unipd prize.


It’s only been a few days since the committee sent out the email invitation for the contest, and many students have already sent funny memes. 

Many have learned about the contest thanks to the infographic created by the committee and published on the Mentorship Instagram page. In fact, the Mentorship page is a key tool for sponsoring and advertising this kind of initiatives.


As a member of the committee, I can safely say that I am very happy with this activity, because it dampens, at least a little, the tension of this pandemic period, making the university community feel more united.

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