Difficulties in renewing the residence permit?

Having a valid residence permit is an extremely important requirement for all people who want to live, in a regular manner, in a country. It is the document that allows non-EU people to stay in the territory of a State; it is therefore a fundamental document for students of international provenance who intend to live or who already live in Italy. With regards to the renewal of the residence permit, it is noteworthy that slightly more than half of the international students has encountered problems related to bureaucratic practices for the renewal. As shown in the graphic, 51.5% of them claim to have found difficulties in conducting these practices, and therefore it seemed appropriate for us to work on this aspect and to identify a way to facilitate students’ understanding of the procedures. To this end, we created a series of informative graphics to present the various steps for the renewal of the permit, the necessary timings, and the costs.


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