Street Art Tour: discovering the corners of Padua

An excellent way to discover the city of Padua and at the same time discuss contemporary art is to organize a street art tour. Ours was a success, there were several international students plus three mentors.

We started from Prato della Valle and walked around the city centre, discovering the artworks of Tony Gallo, Kenny Random and Alessio B.

It was an opportunity to finally meet in presence and to get to know each other. We started a discussion on street art in general, differentiating it from graffiti, then we analysed every single work.

The event took place mainly in Italian, but there were times when clarifying some things in English was necessary, so it was a time of inclusion and sharing. The explanations of the works were exhibited by one of the mentors, Olivia Desideri, an expert on street art tour.

There was no lack of moments of reflection, both about the works seen but also about comparisons with other works and other artists. It was an enjoyable day for the whole group. We were able to take various photos and videos to capture these moments of fun and learning. Then, we shared some Instagram stories and we also posted some of the photos.

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