Università della Calabria

The University of Calabria was founded in 1968 with the aim of rooting in the territory a strategic resource for the development of Calabria, able to create perspectives of cultural, social and economic growth for their students and their families.

The University of Calabria boasts, to now, about 24,500 students enrolled, thus positioning itself among the main academic institutions of our country. Although its constitution is still recent, the University of Calabria has already proclaimed well over 60,000 graduates and students enrolled throughout its history have abundantly exceeded 100,000.

A characteristic feature of the University of Calabria is its structure in Campus, typical of the Anglo-Saxon world. The university complex is located in the Arcavacata district of Rende, in a hilly area not far from the urban centres of Rende and Cosenza.

It outlines itself as an equipped “bridge” axis, along which buildings (called “Cubes”) are located,  that host Departments, Administrative Offices, Laboratories, Classrooms, Libraries, Cinemas and Theatres. In the surrounding hilly area are located the university residences, sports facilities, canteens for the catering of students and staff, the offices of the Residential Centre and the meeting places; in the downstream area, instead, the Polifunzionale is placed, the first educational and departmental district.

Currently, there are 14 Departments active at Unical, which include about 800 teachers and who carry out teaching activities within 80 different Study Courses (31 Bachelor’s Degrees, 43 Master’s Degrees and 6 Single Cycle Master’s Degrees). The research activities are developed in numerous departmental laboratories, as well as in some large inter-departmental infrastructures, particularly, the infrastructures Star and Sila.

The provision of services to students and activities related to the right to study are at the head of the Residential Centre, which provides about 1,800 beds and a canteen service. The support to the large international student community, about 1000 international students from over 80 countries, is provided by the Internationalization Area. There are numerous sports facilities organized in a multifunctional centre, near which are built the Centres for Youth Aggregation, spaces available to students for ideas and initiatives.

The University has 5 Community Service Centres: the Music and Entertainment Arts Centre (CAMS), the Publishing and Library Centre, the University ICT Centre, the University Language Centre (CLA), the Health Centre. The latter offers an important social health care service for the university community and the surrounding area.

The scientific and cultural dissemination activities are supported by the presence of the 4 University Museums: the Museum of Paleontology, the Museum of Natural History and Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Zoology, and the Museum for the Environment/RiMuseum. There is also an important Library System. Finally, within the university perimeter there are: a Banking Agency; a Post Office; two theatres; two cinemas; two amphitheaters for outdoor events; a Kindergarten.

Source: UNICAL Mentorship Student Committee

Here’s our mentors!


Hi, I am Roberta. I am 25 years old and I study Modern Languages and Literature. During my studies of Postcolonial Literatures, I developed a strong interest in Migration Studies, especially from the anthropological and sociological point of view. My greatest love is music: I like to sing and play different instruments. I see in music a means of aggregation and connection among people from all over the world. I participate to the Mentorship project with a lot of enthusiasm, being sure that I can enrich my cultural background and glad I can help.




Hi everybody! I’m Leopoldo, but you can call me Leo. I’m 25 years old and I’m attending the Master’s Degree Course in Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Calabria. I love cinema and music, but my greatest passion is sport. I think that beyond the competitive spirit and the pure competition, sport can often be an instrument of inclusion and equality between peoples. In my opinion, these are the tools we must use to try to leave a better world than how we found it. A world where diversity may be seen as an opportunity to improve and enrich oneself and not as a discriminating factor. I can’t wait to take the field and team up with you in this new challenge. Ready to support each other!




Hi, I’m Ketty. I’m 25 years old and I’m attending the Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures. I like music, cinema and art, but my greatest passion is travel, through which I have the opportunity to explore new cultures and traditions! In recent years, I have met many people from different countries. Getting in touch with different cultures and points of view has helped me to have a broader vision and an open mind. I believe it is essential to create a network of sharing and mutual support between university students from all over the world. For this reason, I decided to participate in the Mentorship project, excited to give my personal contribution to the realization of this very important goal.




I am Wanees, 27 years old, and I come from Giza, Egypt. In Cairo, I attended the industrial high school of Don Bosco, which allowed me to have an Italian diploma and then the opportunity to continue studying in Europe. I am in Italy since 2014, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Tourism Sciences, and I am currently enrolled in the Master of Science for Cooperation and Development at the University of Calabria. Over the years, I have been committed to solidarity, orientation, and social inclusion, promoting multi-ethnic and multicultural realities and events. I am convinced that creating and supporting social networks is the best way to cooperate, so I look forward with a big enthusiasm to being actively integrated into the Mentorship network project.




Hi everybody! My name is Maria, I am 26 years old and I am a student of the University of Calabria. I am currently enrolled in the master’s degree course in Modern Languages ​​and Literature. One of my greatest passions is traveling, which is why over the years I have lived experiences abroad that have allowed me to get in touch with different cultures and extend my horizons. During my studies, I developed a particular interest in the internationalization sector, doing an internship at the International Relations Office of the University of Calabria, which gave me the opportunity to know and help students belonging to different ethnic groups. I decided to participate in the “Student Mentorship” project because I am sure I can face a path of growth both from a professional and a human point of view and I am happy to be able to give my contribution in creating a network of inclusion and mutual help.