Is it important to know the services on the territory?

When we speak about the integration in a territory, we are highly aware that the knowledge of the services present in the territory is nothing but a great necessity. Therefore, we asked the students of international provenance what services they would like to know more about. Following that, a large part of them expressed the wish to receive more information about activities and services present on the territory of Padua (events, volunteering opportunities, cultural venues, student associations, sports, transport), connected to the university and not only. The overwhelming majority (85.6%) revealed the desire to get more information about the discounts for students.



For this reason, our team began with an investigation to be able to offer trustworthy information on the discounts to which UNIPD students are eligible. Thanks to the infographic created and shared on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook), the students had the opportunity to discover the mobile application “Studiare a Padova CARD”, that allows them to check the reductions applicable to a multitude of services (copy centres, hairdressers, clothes shop, courses, medical centres, restaurants and bars, etc.). Many of them are very happy to have discovered a way to spend less, thanks to their status as University of Padua students.


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