Unimentorship and IOM

The University of Bari is one of the ten Italian universities that joined the Unimentorship project implemented by IOM.

But what is IOM?

The acronym IOM stands for International Organization for Migration which is an intergovernmental organization based in Geneva that operates in the field of migration. Established in 1951, in 2016 it became a related organization of the United Nations and currently has 173 member states, including Italy.


When it was established, after World War II, IOM was called Provisional Intergovernmental Committee for the Movement of Migrants from Europe (PICMME). As a logistics agency, its purpose was to offer a valid support to European governments with the massive migratory movements of those years. The organization made it possible for more than a million people to be transported and repatriated after the war ended. IOM reviewed and systematized its objectives and tasks, becoming the main intergovernmental agency in the migration field.

Mission and vision

  • Understanding migration processes;
  • working for an orderly migration;
  • promoting migrants’ wellness and dignity;
  • promoting economic and social development through migration,
  • guaranteeing humanitarian assistance;
  • improving international dialogue and cooperation.

Italy and IOM

Italy is one of the founders of the Organization, with which it entered into a headquarters agreement in 1967. The Italian Coordination Office for the Mediterranean area is located in Rome.

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