Informational needs of international students.

While conducting our survey, one of the goals was to understand which are the main needs of the students and which kind of information they are missing so we, as a mentorship team, can contribute in our turn. Many students expressed their interests in the following aspects:
discounts for students, events, volunteering opportunities, student associations, sport and transport information. We took it into consideration and prepared posts in our social networks dedicated to these topics.

In addition, we asked the students how difficult they find the information that they are looking for on the university website. The answers differed quite a lot, but it should be noted that Unipd website is in continuous update process, especially the english version. Therefore in the future we hope that the website will become even more useful and easy to navigate.

Meanwhile, we as a Mentorship project team answer any requests of the information from the students and create the content to guide them in the search of the answers to their questions. We are also currently preparing the Q&A session, where we are inviting all the international students to participate and ask any questions they have.


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