My name is Shokhjakhon Akhmadov, I am 19 years old and I come from Uzbekistan, Bukhara region.
My experience in Italy until now has been very interesting and comfortable besides a great opportunity to start learning a new language. Great perspective and delightful history made me choose, in 2020, “La Sapienza University of Rome” and I decided to enroll the course of study of Global Humanities  because it is a great way to build my career.

I’m happy to share my story because the Mentoring Committee helped me in a very stressful and difficult situation and I want to thank all of the members for the help that they have given me during these months.I learned about them from a colleague of my course and, in an online meeting, I explained to Lucia Mazzanti and other mentors the difficulties I faced in enrolling and obtaining a visa.

They listened and analyzed my situation for more than two hours, they motivated me very much and they gave me advices; very quickly they also began to take action to solve my problems, for example: the Committee wrote letters to various authorities to help me, they also repeatedly contacted the dean of my faculty and persuaded her to write a letter even to the Italian Embassy in Uzbekistan, initiative which positively influenced the solution of my problems.

The Mentorship Sapienza project gave me hope and a chance to start and further my study in Global Humanities,  I would like to recommend this service to all students who have problems at University: they will help you in solving them! As a student, I have a good experience in Sapienza: I have already passed 4 exams, and this is just the beginning. If I had the opportunity, I would choose this University again!

My plans for the future is to get a Diploma and later to complete a Master’s in this trully unique and multicultural University. After completing my studies, I think I can become a good specialist and work in Italy to gain even more experience.

I want to give an advice to international students applying to Sapienza University: don’t be afraid of difficulties, because with the persistence of the Mentorship committee you will overcome them, try it and get results!


Shokhjakhon Akhmadov

Illustrations by
Rita Marino

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