How to book a study space in UNIPD libraries?

Attending libraries or study halls can be quite difficult these days, and, as we all know, last-minute decisions are no longer an option. If, in the past, we used to decide the same morning whether to go studying in the library or not, today we are forced to carefully plan our days from this point of view. Due to the current situation, reserving a place in the libraries and study halls is a fundamental aspect that allows us to use the library facilities.

The University of Padua has created a special mobile application called Affluences, which helps us to orient ourselves within the University Library System. Thanks to this new service, we can view in real time the percentage of occupancy of the study places available in each library of the University. If we are looking for a place to study, we can therefore orient ourselves very quickly among the different structures according to the occupancy percentages updated every 60 seconds, thus minimising loss of time.

Thanks to the App’s simple and clear interface, we have the opportunity to obtain up-to-date information on opening hours, as well as access the main communications addressed to us.

With this online booking system, the University of Padua allows its students to access the Unipd library service without great difficulty and commitment.


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