Accommodation, Universtity canteen and public transport for Crui fellows

How does the accommodation work?

The accommodation service is insured for students who request it during the enrollment phase.

Which accommodation can I choose?

• Adisu Puglia university residences with accommodation in a double room for 52 weeks (full calendar year).
• Private homes with a regular lease.

How do I get a refund if I choose private accommodation?

To obtain the reimbursement of the rent you will have to present a copy of the contract and you will have to fill in the application available at this link: -of-study-for-students-with-international-protection / 100-scholarships-for-holders-of-international-protection

The invoice or rental receipt must include: the monthly payment to which it refers, the date of issue, the amount and the name of the tenant.
The refund will be paid (via IBAN) to your current account after submitting the settlement request to the Foreign Students office.

How does the University canteen service work?

You can choose between two alternatives:

– Adisu Puglia university canteens for a period of 46 weeks. In this case, you will be credited with a sum equal to two meals a day. You will need to submit a copy of the application to join the Adisu Canteen service.
– By crediting the current account (pocket money). In this case you will be issued a nominative ticket card for a sum equal to € 1,932.00. In this case you will have to contact the U.O. Foreign students.

How can I get around the city?

For transport, you can request your Amtab subscription card for urban public transport (at your expense) and you can collect it at the U.O. Student Services and Student Collaborations.

For more information book a Mentorship support.

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