Our Mentorship Committee Sapienza is back with the Italian course initiative, after the great success in February. The course is intended for all international students enrolled at Sapienza University who want to learn or improve their Italian.
This time we decided to create two different levels:

Basic 1.0 and Basic 2.0 / pre-intermediate.
Basic 1.0” is intended for those who have never studied or have never come in touch with the Italian language. It will deal with basic notions such as greetings, every day interactions and vocabulary you might need at uni. We will also address the phonetic aspects of the Italian language.

Basic 2.0 / pre-intermediate.
It is recommended to those who attended the first course and wish to continue studying Italian with us, have studied some Italian in the past, have lived in Italy for a while but never studies Italian. The focus will be on basic grammatical notions and pronunciation, conversations and the spoken language.

The lessons of the first course will be structured as follows:
During the first part new vocabularies and phrases will be introduced and you will be asked to read them out loud to help memorising them. There are going to be different dialogues, we will read them and then adapt them. At the end, we will explain some phonetics and spelling rules.
The second group is going to move a step forward and focus on the pronunciation and grammar. Of course, a reference to basic grammar will be found in the first group, but this time we will talk about noun declinations and verb conjugations.

We will spend the first class ascertaining the level of Italian of each group, so we can then model the classes based on what you know already and would like to learn. During the lessons, it’s always possible to interact through the chat and all your questions are more than welcome. We do have a syllabus, but it’s flexible and we will adapt it based on your needs and preferences.

Our courses take place in June 2021 over a four week period, starting on Tuesday 1 June.

Basic 1.0 Tuesday + Thursday 09.30 – 11.00 CET

Basic 2.0 / pre-intermediate Tuesday + Friday 09.30 – 11.00 CET

Basic 2.0 /pre-intermediate Tuesday + Thurs 20.00 – 21.30 CET

You can sign up from Monday 17 May to Sunday 23 May.
Spots are limited, we have a capacity of 25 people for each group.
The classes will be held on the Zoom platform.
Google Classroom will be used to share the material and exercises of each lesson.

“Our goal is to work with you and meet your needs, these courses aren’t to obtain a certification but to make your life in Italy easier.”

Here’s the form to sign up:

We hope you’ll join us, see you soon!


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