Covid restrictions in Italy. How to understand all the “DPCM” and “ordinanze”?

Covid-19 pandemic is a challenging time for everyone, but international students are of the most vulnerable group. Abroad, without your family around it can be tough to face the new issues arising. The restrictions change very often and sometimes are not clear at all even for locals. The red-orange-yellow system can be confusing, especially together with the decrees issued by local governments.

In our survey among international students of the University of Padova, we asked if it was difficult for them to understand the Italian government measures ( “DPCM”) and in fact 42,3% of students replied positively. This gave us an idea to share regular updates on the social media of Mentorship UNIPD of the new restrictions in English, making a short summary to make them easy to comprehend.


The posts of Instagram and Facebook are issued as soon as the new restrictions become official so we can provide reliable information for students. Our team monitors the situation constantly to share all the updates on time and we hope that they will be useful for the international students.

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